The Fourth (2014) China Feed Day


??Feed Day?? is one of the theme days organized by China Animal Husbandry Expo together with China Feed Trade, aiming at upholding feed security and promoting industry development. The feed theme day, has already successfully held for three times, i.e. The First Jialong China Feed Day, The Second BSF China Feed Day and The Third BSF China Feed Day. Carrying on the fine experience of the past, the Fourth China Feed Day will be held in the Qingdao International Exhibition Center from May 18 to 20, 2014.

Four Mission:

We made our efforts to strengthen feed security. Join us shows your support.

We provide abundant presents to the participants. Bonus waits for the participants.

We offer dozens of high-return propaganda program to the companies. Choose us represents a preliminary success.

We provide a platform for exchange and propaganda. Attention ushers in development.


Six Highlights;

Innovative display: Compared with ordinary fair-going, this feed theme day adopted an unprecedented way, i.e. maze solving. It will definitely catch the eyes.

Great popularity: Key for the success of the theme day: newly built maze; no charge, but fun; delicate awards after successful navigation.

Delicate Coordination: Participants will get a mystic gift on the spot. Curiosity will drive them to find another part of the gift in the sponsoring enterprise, bringing possible customers.

Strong propaganda: Only those participants who have remembered 100 logos can find the route. By reciting the logos, the activity helps to make a solid foundation to popularize the companies.

Big Awards: By learning the experience of last two feed day, this theme day redesign its awarding mechanism, and greatly improve the professional value of the presents.



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