2014 China Animal Husbandry Brand Day


Brand Day is organized by China Animal Agriculture Association, together with PPXMW as the host and Fayiaofeng (a training institution for animal husbandry companies) as the planner. This theme day, aiming at promotion of one Brand Company for each sector (i.e. animal health, feed, strain, equipment, etc.), will conduct a 36 0 ?? marketing development strategy, before, during and after the expo, through the online and offline media. The mission of the theme day is to make brands more valuable, create animal husbandry brands, and promote industry development.

One of the problems that China animal husbandry industry faces is its lack of brand. Compared with animal husbandry industry in the western countries, how many international brands China have? How many well-known domestic brands China have? Only a small handful. China's animal husbandry market is in need of brands to improve itself, thus shaping some brand companies with culture and heritage. By taking advantage of the PPXMW's resources and the platform provided by CAAA, this theme day aims at promoting brand awareness and let one or two companies' brand more popular, easy to remember with more distribute channels, more end users and more buyers.



Brand Showcase; interaction between the brand companies and audience on the spot;

Sunday morning: opening ceremony; organizer giving speech; models show; logo show; title sponsor giving speech; logo creation Contest (using body language); sponsor giving speech; quiz game (the quizzes are centering on the brand of the sponsors and their main business);

Sunday afternoon: awarding ceremony for famous brand companies; creation contest on the underlying concept behind the brand (sources can be the folk culture, dialect, custom and etc.). ??Growing path for animal husbandry brand in China??, a lecture by Fayiaofeng training institution will be presented at the same time.

Business Day; interaction between the brand companies and buyers;

Monday morning: creation contest;

Studio: interview the company leaders;

Monday afternoon: creation contest;

Business negotiation zone: business talks; brand marketing strategy;

E-commerce day; guide the operation of e-commerce;

Interview: exclusive interview for PPXMW - How to manage corporate brand?


Organizing Committee:

Organizer: China Animal Agriculture Association


Title Sponsor: Soliciting??

Sponsor: One animal health company, soliciting??

One feed company, soliciting??

One Breed company, soliciting??

One equipment company, soliciting??

Supporter: Soliciting (Hotline: 86-18903818894)



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