2014 DFNF Feed Additives Day


Feed additives belong to the upstream of the industry chain of the animal husbandry. Green and ecological feed additives, with its character of substituting antibiotic, can greatly improve the animal's productivity and the environment, thus achieving a healthy and ecological farming. The aim of China Feed Additives Day is to promote green and ecological feed on the spot and let the feed additives become friends of breeders, instead of misunderstood culprits who endanger feed security and even food security.


Expected Effects:

The event will also achieve the following functions:

•  Based on the theme of Twelfth CAHE-Accelerating the transformation of animal husbandry development, build an upgraded version of Chinese livestock industry, China Feed Additives Magazine and China Feed Additives Network will update the readers throughout the expo.

•  Promote communication between feed companies and feed additives companies, help reach cooperation willingness or even contract signing on the spot.

•  The highlight of our event is the table tennis tournament to establish ties between the companies. The five half-day table tennis tournament will retain the eyes of some visitors and attract more contestants.

Introduction of the Title Sponsor:

DFNF (Oriental Farmer)

DFNF enjoys strong technical strength. Focusing on the establishment and improvement of product quality assurance system, DFNF avail its prime products and fine credibility to support its brand name. DFNF is gradually recognized and favored by the majority of users through every high-quality products. Now the enterprise has owned dozens of products, belonging to two portfolios ?C feed additives and premix. These products have been fully recognized by the majority of farmers, laying a solid foundation for the first step of company to develop its brand. Upholding the principle of market-orientation, seek development by science and technology, maintain vitality through quality, the enterprise set, strengthen agriculture and invigorate animal husbandry to the benefit of mankind as its highest goal.



Specially decorated booth:

08:00      18:00 May 15, 2014

08:00       20:00 May 16, 2014

08:00       22:00 May 17, 2014

Standard booth: 08:00 -  22:00 May 18, 2014

Opening Ceremony: Starts at 09:00, May 19, 2014

Industry Open Day: 09:00 -  17:00 May 19-20, 2014

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