Deer and Healthy Life


The Fifth (2014) China Deer Industry Development Conference and China (Xifeng) Deer and Healthy Life Industry Summit will be held in Xifeng, Liaoning from August 18-20, 2014. Related government officials from Ministry of Agriculture, State Forestry Administration, China Food and Drug Administration, leaders from China Animal Agriculture Association, China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicine & Health Products, China Association of Pharmaceutical Commerce, specially-invited guests (including 30 entrepreneurs, 10 network dealers, 10 scientists and financier) as well as deer practitioners will attend the conference.

The theme of the conference is 'deer and healthy life'. Taking the opportunity of 'Several opinions to promote the development of healthy service industry issued by the state council', the conference aims to deeply explore the connection between deer and healthy life, fully tap the nutritional value of deer products, display the rich deer culture, foster the communication, cooperation and development among the enterprises, association and research institutions, discuss together 'the opportunity and challenge facing deer and healthy life', tackle developing difficulties, specify the developing orientation, and empower China's deer industry.

Character of this conference:

•  Openness. The conference, with its theme on deer development, covers many fields related to healthy life, i.e., traditional Chinese medicine, healthy food, tussah, a manifestation of big health industry.

•  Cooperation. The conference is co-organized by China Deer Industry Association, China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicine & Health Products, and China Association of Pharmaceutical Commerce, complementing each other's advantages.

•  Workshop. Based on the theme of 'deer and healthy life', the organizing committee invites authoritative experts to give presentations. The interaction between experts and entrepreneurs helps to promote the transformation of science and technology into productivity, break the bottleneck hindering deer and TCM, healthy food development, and discuss new thoughts, new ways, and new channels to accelerate the development of healthy life.

•  Fair. Domestic and foreign deer products, TCM, healthy food will be displayed on the conference to show the successful transformation of science and technology and to provide opportunity for the procurement, business talk and on-the-spot contract.

•  Culture. Holding up the principle of 'Using culture to strengthen economy', a series of deer related performance will be displayed to show the rich cultural significance of deer to healthy life.

•  Expansion. Famous network dealers will be invited to promote the connection between healthy life and deer, to promote cooperation and exchange, expand marketing channels.


Aug. 18, 2014:

Registration (Before 17 o'clock)

The Fifth Session of the First Council Meeting of China Deer Industry Association

Aug. 19, 2014:

Opening Ceremony

The Third China Skia Deer and Red Deer Champion

Deer Products, Deer Culture Works Fair

Deer and Healthy Life Development Summit

Report on Keeping Health

Aug. 20, 2014:

Workshop - Bottleneck Hindering the Deep Processing of Deer Products and TCM

Contract Ceremony

Bank and Enterprises Dialogue

Awarding Ceremony for the Deer Champion, Photos, Calligraphy, and Paper-cutting

Visit to Xifeng Healthy Life Industry

Visit Old People

Deer Food

Theme Deer Route Visit


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