The Twelfth (2014) China Swine Industry Development Conference


After 20 years of development, China's pig industry has entered into a mature stage, with domestic per capital pork consumption exceeding the world average standard and industry turning from rapid growth to stable growth. By the end of 2013, the inventory of live pigs has reached to 474.11 million heads, a decline of 0.38% on year-on-year basis. Slaughtered pigs have increased for 6 consecutive years and broke the number of 700 million heads, reached to 715.57 million heads, an increase of 2.8% on year-on-year basis. Pork accounts for 64.4% and 50.6% of meat production in China and world respectively. From those figures, it is clear that China's swine industry plays an important role in the world.

To promote the development of pig industry, the government introduced a number of policy measures, for example, subsidizing breeding sows, awarding live pigs producing county, subsidizing elite breed, support for scale and standardized breeding, all of which played a significant role in promoting swine development. However, with the increasing resource constraints, requirement for environment protection, and the exacerbating problems like no-hazardous treatment of waste, breeds nurturing, disease control and others, the swine industry is facing enormous challenges. This year meets the lowest pork price in 15 years, causing great difficulties to the swine industry.

To build the platform for the swine people and companies to communicate and exchange experiences, to tackle the various challenges and problems the industry will and is facing, and to explore a healthy sustainable developing way for the swine industry, China Animal Agriculture Association, together with National Swine Industry Technology System, decided to hold the Twelfth (2014) China Swine Industry Development Conference in Chengdu, Sichuan from Aug. 28-30, 2014. Famous experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs will be invited to make presentations on the focal points and difficult issues of the industry, share successful experience, and make interaction with participants. Swine people and people from all walks of life who showed great interest to the swine industry are welcomed to join the conference.


I. Agenda:

Aug. 28: Registration

Friday Morning, Aug. 29: Opening Ceremony, High-level Forum

Friday Afternoon, Aug. 29: Theme Reports and Interaction

Saturday Morning, Aug. 30: Theme Reports and Interaction

Saturday Afternoon: Visits to companies


•  Government Policies, Trend Analysis, Development Trend

•  Historical Background, Advantages and Disadvantages of Swine Polices

•  The Status Quos and Development Orientation for the Development of Swine Industry

•  Impact of Macro-economy to Swine Industry and Pork Consumption

•  Advantages and Disadvantages of Swine Industry Alliance in China

•  Management of Scale Pig Farm

•  Nutrition and Nurturing of High-yielding Breeding Pigs

•  Domestic Cost of Pig Producing Compared with World Standard and Suggestion

•  Impact of Pig Farm Environment and Facility on Farm Efficiency

•  Creative Concept, Tradition Breaking?C Contribution of Application of Non-surgical Castration into Pig Industry

•  Enterprises' Developing Path under the Dual Challenge of Environmental Protection and Market Requirement

•  Interpretation of ??Regulation on the Pollution Treatment and Prevention in Scale Livestock and Poultry Farming?? and Respond

•  Operating Mode of Scale Pig Farm

•  Building Efficient Pig Farming Mode

•  Chinese Husbandry in the Internet Era, New Business Mode and Developing Challenge

•  Application of Zigbee in Pig Farming

•  Prevention and Control of Swine Disease

Major Disease Problems in China's Pig Production and Solutions 

II. Interaction

To provide good opportunities for the participants to communicate with experts and entrepreneurs, the organizing committee specially set the interaction program, where the participants can pose problems and puzzles they met in their business and on the presenters' research domain. These brilliant entrepreneurs, experts will communicate with participants on corporate culture, managerial concept, development strategy, management mode and etc. and provide examples for the companies to follow, in order to promote the industrialization of the swine industry in China.

In addition, in order to listen to the questions, suggestions and ideas of the participants, the organizing committee will provide more time for the participants to communicate, by holding one or two informal discussions if time permitted. Please contact the organizing committee to provide your suggestion on the informal discussion if you are interested to take part in the informal discussions.

III. Visits

After the conference, the participants could visit Sichuan's bellwether company on agriculture produce ?C Sichuan GIASTAR GROUP, to visit its breeding pig farm and slurry treatment facilities, a government assigned dead animal body treatment place. Through site visits and presentations, the participants get a good opportunity to learn.

IV. Who Should Attend?

Members of China Animal Agriculture Association and China Swine Industry Association; Experts, entrepreneurs, administrators, researchers, technical extension, marketing personnel on pig and related industries, including breeding, processing, feed, veterinary, bio-products, equipment and trade; Students, media people and other people who show great interest in the pig industry.

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