The First (2014) China Meat Sheep and Goats Industry Development Conference



To further strengthen meat sheep and goats industry development in China, promote sheep and goats industrial restructuring in agricultural and pastoral area, improve the sheep and goats's productivity, effectively ease the tight situation of demand and supply, actively display the advanced developing idea of local areas and give play to the leading companies, focus on building platform linking the upper and lower industry chains, better foster cooperation between meat sheep and goats industry and related financing and investing institutions, China Animal Agriculture Association decides to hold the First (2014) China Meat Sheep and Goats Industry Development Conference in Linhe District, Bayannur, Inner Mongolia from Oct. 21-24, 2014. National entrepreneurs, experts, S&T workers, administrators on meat sheep and goats and other related industries (breeding, slaughtering, processing, trade, catering, investment, veterinary, biological products, feed, forage, equipment, etc.) are welcomed to join the conference.

Time: Oct. 21-24, 2014 (Registration on Oct. 21)
Venue: Bayannur Hotel, Inner Mongolia (Linhe District)
Theme: Vigorously Develop Modern Meat Sheep and Goats Industry, Strive to Satisfy Market Requirement
1. Meat Sheep and Goats Symposium
2. Disucssion and Exchange
3. Mutton Gourmet Festival
4. Investigation into Bayannur Meat Sheep and Goats
5. Display of Local Achievements and Agriculture Produce
6. Business Talk

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