Announcement on the Second (2015) China Angora Industry Conference and the Third Shandong Angora Rabbit Race



Over the years, China's Angora rabbit and wool production account for 90% and 95% of the world respectively. The industry has witnessed the increasing growth of wool price, wool and wool products exportation. To some extent, the industry developed stably. However, due to the 'hand-plucked wool' scandal, the restriction of EU on Chinese rabbit import has not yet lifted, preventing the domestic wool and wool products from exporting. For the past several years, China's textile enterprises have successfully hammered out ways to address the technique difficulties, like wool loss, shrinking and pilling. With the increasing demand for rabbit hair, new demand for strengthened and wooly Angora is required to suit the textile industry. According to the current situation of angora breeding in China and China Rabbit Industry Association's plan, The CRIA decides to uphold the mission of 'promote standard, pursue cooperation, seek innovation and pursue development' and hold the Second (2015) China Angora Industry Conference and the Third Shandong Angora Rabbit Race in Mengyin, Shandong Province. Focusing on the theme of 'showing accomplishment, discussion and exchange, feel the industry and plot changes, innovation and development', the conference will display the new technologies, new experiences and new achievement in the rabbit industry and make an in-depth discussion on hot, important and difficult issues related to the Angora industry, in order to strengthen industry self-discipline and promote cooperation and prosper of the industry. Besides, the conference strives to promote the breed selection work in Shandong, in a way to improve the overall quality and development standard, and build a new landscape featuring standardized and scale rabbit farm.  

I. Time: April 4-6, 2015

II. Venue:
1. Rabbit show and Angora race: Yimeng Mall
2. Seminar: Wenhe Hotel

III. Content
Seminar, Rabbit Race, Rabbit, Veterinary, Feed, Equipment, Wool Products Exhibition, Visit to Mengyin Ecological Rabbit Circular Economy

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1. Mengyin Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau
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2. China Rabbit Industry Association
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