The 12th China Sheep and Goat Development Industry Conference



Since 2014' regional drought and outbreak of animal disease led to a concentrated slaughtering of mutton sheep in 2015. Mutton prices drops greatly due to the impact of imported mutton and low consumption level because of downward economic pressure. Mutton sheep and breeding sheep is in short demand. The profit marginal of sheep farming is squeezed by lower returns and higher cost, which pose new problems and challenges to the development of sheep industry. To further solve the problems facing the industry, explore future development path, build platform between the lower chain and upper chain, strengthen in-depth communication between the companies, institutions and universities, improve the sheep productivity, speed up the industry transformation and upgrading, and achieve the healthy and sustainable development of the sheep industry, CAAA decides to hold the 12th China Sheep and Goat Development Industry Conference in Liqing City, Shandong Province from Sep. 21-23, 2015. Sheep related companies (breeding, slaughtering, processing, trade, catering, investment, veterinary, bio-drug, forage, feed, equipment) representatives, experts, and administrators are welcomed to join the conference.   

I. Time: Sep. 21-23, 2015
II. Place: Liqing City, Shandong Province
III. Agenda
Sep. 21, 2015 ?C Registration
Sep. 22, 2015 ?C Symposium, Exhibition
Sep. 23, 2015 ?C Round table Forum, Excursion

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