Good developing tendency of China animal husbandry


Since the beginning of this year, animal husbandry went on a good developing tendency, the specific performances: rapid resumption of live pigs?? production, improved condition of cow poultry, stable supply of adequate products and simultaneous growth of industrial feed. As it was estimated, the total output of meat was 35.15 million tons in the first half year, an increase of 3.2% compared with last year; milk output was 19.15 million tons, an increase of 11.5%; egg output of 13.4 million tons, an increase of 6.4%. In the first half year, live pig market prices were relatively stable, continued good effectiveness of breeding, S the transformation of the mode of production was significantly speed up. According to the research from Ministry of Agriculture on 20 key provinces in the 1800 large breeders and 1800 households, the stock of live pigs by the end of June grew 10.6%, slaughter up 4.8%, the stock of sow increased 20%. Live pig product price rose first, and then fell, since February pork price continuously 20 week small scale dropped, dropped 9.2% compared to the maximum price. The overall situation maintained relatively steady. At the beginning of the year, suffered the low temperature and freeze disaster's south partial provincial capital areas, the live pig product restored comprehensively. At present, Sichuan, Gansu, Shanxi and Chongqing 4 provinces and cities live pig product price steady falls; the local market supply is stable. Along with the realization of support policy, the live pig resumed production approached good developing tendency. Seen from sow's production cycle, more sows were made in stock, and in the fourth quarter the pig supply tight condition would alleviate. Since expenses on feed, man-power, water and electricity rose significantly, the live pig product price still will maintain a high level from now on. The poultry production maintained steady growth. Starts from October, 2007, influenced by the increase of layer amount, the egg price went on decline in a small scale, the breeders experienced the loss. Since April, the egg price rose. According to Ministry of Agriculture monitors, in June the 4th week , average egg price of national wholesale market was 6.68 Yuan/kilograms, grew 4% compared with the same period, close the cost, the farmer loss reduced last month, Shandong and other places started to have little profit, the breeders had enough chickens, the egg market supplies were sufficient. Generally speaking, the suitable elimination of layers already appeared adjustment effect in the near future to the market, in the summer, the meats expense reduced, the egg expense increased correspondingly, the layer price rose gradually, in the short-term the egg price would not have big fluctuation. Broiler production and market were prosperous, the cultivation benefit was good. The poultry in stock was 5000million, grow 2% compared with the same period; the slaughter was 5,300million; grow 8.2% compared with the same period. However, because of the rapid raise of cost, the problem of low beef cattle benefit appeared gradually, the in stock of beef cattle decreased, the slaughters were not enough, breeders lacked of passion to breeder cows. It was estimated that the in stock of beef cattle would decrease 3% compared with the same period, the slaughter decreased 1.3%. According to the monitor of ministry of agriculture in 240 villages in April, the number of breeders decreased 2.1% compared with last month, the in stock of beef cattle decreased 7.8% compared with last month. The price of beef kept increasing, the average price of beef was 31.7yuan/kilogram, increased 56.5% compared with the same period. Cow profit was still low. The farmer raised a cow, the year gross earning was only the approximately 1000 Yuan. The decrease of cow in stock will affect the development of cattle industry, it is the major problem in front of breeders. In the milch cow industry, affected by government??s supporting policy and the market, in the first half year, the price of milk increased distinct and the profit of raising milch cow also increased and it went on a steady increasing trend. It was estimated that the milch cow in stock would be 1, 4350, 000, increased 8.3%. Since late May, the raw milk purchase price in north milk production area presented decrease, price in the end of June compared with late February highest price fell 9.9%. The decrease had some negative effect to the stable development of milk industry. As the whole, the decrease of raw milk price was seasonal adjustment, and major parts of milk production still in a reasonable scale. In the first half year, with the development of breeding industry, feed industry developed fast. It was estimated the total amount of feed was 59,000,000 tons, increased 11.2% compared with the same period; the mixed feed was 45,400,000 tons, grew 13.3% compared with the same period; the concentrated feed was 11,200,000 tons, grew 4.5% compared with the same period; the chemical additive premix feed was 2,400,000 tons, grew 5.9% compared with the same period.

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