Summary of China swine industry


China is a large swine country in the world, during 30 years reform and opening up, under the effect of government's policy and market mechanism, farmers' enthusiasm to breed pigs have been increased. Since 1978, Pig production has been rapidly developed, the inventory of live pigs by the end of 1978 was 301 million, in 2007 it was 440 million, average annual growth rate is 1.82%; Slaughter number is from 160 million to 565 million, an average annual growth rate is 6.16%;Pork production is from 10 million tons to more than 40 million tons, the average annual growth is 7.54%, the swine industry output value accounted for 48% of the output value of animal husbandry, China's swine industry has become a major part of the economy of animal husbandry. China is a traditional large pig-raising country, divided by the area, Yangtze River region, the Central Plains region, northeast China, and Guangdong and Guangxi region are the main pig production region, the slaughter of live pigs in these areas account for 80% of the country's total slaughter, among them, Sichuan, Henan, Hunan, Hebei, Shandong province are China's most important pig production areas. After 30 years reform and opening up, China's large-scale pig production and technical level has been improved continuously, the number of large scale farms increased year by year. China is also a traditional large consumption country of pork; pork is the Chinese people's main source of meat products, accounting for more than 60% of daily meat consumption. Over the years, the rapid development of China's national economy, GDP growth 10% in recent years, economic development led the people of higher income and better standards of life, pork meat consumption increase year after year. China is the world's real large production and consumption country.

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