Summary of China poultry industry


China's poultry industry is a pillar industry of animal husbandry, is the industry of highest large-scale intensive, closest to the international advanced level of this industry. Poultry variety is many, poultry quantity is large, including chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, partridge, pigeons and other special birds. Since reform and opening up, especially in recent years, China's poultry industry rapidly develop, the overall production capacity significantly increase, has become an important source of farmers'income, poultry products have become one of the most popular consumer products. In 2007, China poultry industry continues to develop, poultry eggs and poultry meat prices continued to move up, the profit of breeding poultry is better and better. As China's macro economy improving, coupled with the 2008 Olympic Games in China, in 2008 China's poultry industry will continue to be prosperous. The specific characters listed as follows: 1. A significant growth in total production 2. Important scientific and technological progress 3. Standard intensive breeding develop fast 4. Constantly improvement of industrialization 5. Competitive industries begin to form up 6. Higher level of quality and safety of Poultry product 7. poultry exports is the main exporting livestock products

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