2017 CIAHE Activities




2017 CIAHE Activities
Topic Date Venue
2017 CIAHE Science and Technology Day May 18-20,2017 E1 Hall
2017 CIAHE Hatching Day May 18-20,2017 E2 Hall
2017 CIAHE Micro Video Exhibition May 18-20,2017 E2 Hall
2017 CIAHE Veterinary Carnival May 18-20,2017 E3 Hall
2017 CIAHE the first Video Day May 18-20,2017 E3 Hall
2017 CIAHE China Husbandry Environmental Protection Day May 18-20,2017 S1 Hall
2017 CIAHE China Feed Additives Day May 18-20,2017 S2 Hall
2017 CIAHE China Pig Breeding Day May 18-20,2017 S3 Hall
2017 CIAHE Large-scale Breeding Day May 18-20,2017 S4 Hall
2017 CIAHE Husbandry Equipment Day May 18-20,2017 W1 Hall
2017 CIAHE Husbandry Equipment Operating Competition  May 18-20,2017 W2 Hall
Basketball Game May 18-20,2017 N Hall
Pingpong Game May 18-20,2017 N Hall
Gourmet Carnival May 18-20,2017 N Hall
Food Security  May 18-20,2017 N Hall
Poverty Relief Exhibition May 18-20,2017 N Hall
Thousand-people-buyer Group May 18-20,2017 Central Hall
Tianzow Carnival May 18-20,2017 Central Hall
Game Fowl May 18-20,2017 Central Hall
Live Animals Show May 18-20,2017 Central Hall
Opening Ceremony May 19,2017 Central Hall
Press Center May 18,2017 VIP Room,1F,South Registration Hall
2017 CIAHE Forums
Topic Date Venue
The Second Session of the Fourth  General Council Congress May 18,2017 M02 Meeting Room, 2F,South Registration
The Fifth Global Pig Forum May 16-17,2017 Grand Mercure Qingdao Nanshan Resort
The Second (2017) China Husbandry Bio Technology Conference May 15-17,2017 Pullman Qingdao Airport
2017 CIAHE Seminars
May 18,2017
Topic Meeting Room TIME
Application of Chinese Veterinary Technology and Drug in Livestock and Poultry Disease Prevention and Control  E1-2-W2 11:00-11:45
New Discoveries of Nutrional Value of Compound Trace Elements and Minerals to Poultry  E1-2-W2 13:00-14:45
"Sharing,Green,Innovation" Antibiotic-Free Farming Mode Public lecture E2-2-W2 09:00-11:45
Nutritional Management Scheme of Microbe in Pig Intestine E3-2-W2 11:00-11:45
6-3-2-1 for Pig Breeding E3-2-W2 14:00-14:45
The Use and Application of Bilan Bio Veterinary Drugs E3-2-W2 15:00—15:45
Layer Farming Risk Control Summit S1-2-W2 10:00-11:45
Global Experience on Immune Control of Mycoplasma Synoviae S1-2-W2 13:00-13:45
Applying Antibiotic-free Probiotics Strategies in Husbandry and Aquaculture S2-2-W2-A 14:00-14:45
Biosecurity Management as Major Tool in Antibiotic Reduction S2-2-W2 13:10-13:40
Optimizing Sow Condition to Optimize Profit S2-2-W2 13:40-14:20
Improved GIT-health Results in Higher Performance of Sows S2-2-W2 14:20-14:50
Challenges in the Industry S2-2-W2 14:50-15:20
International Pork Market Analysis and Trends  S2-2-W2 15:20-15:40
Chinese Pork Market Analysis and Trends   S2-2-W2 15:40-16:00
Internet+Service S3-2-W2 11:00-11:45
Biotoxin Control to Promote Growth of Livestock and Poultry Forum S3-2-W2 13:00-13:45
Internet+Service S3-2-W2 14:00-14:45
The Use of Layer Equipments M01Meeting Room,2F,South Registration 13:00-17:30
The Prediction of Pig Production and Marketing risk M02 Meeting Room,2F,South Registration 2017/5/18 09:30-10:30
Effective Control of Feed Cost 2017/5/18 10:30-11:30
May 19,2017
Topic Venue Time
A New Solution to Anti-bactria & Anti-virus  S2-2-W2 14:00-14:45
Solving Difficult Problems, Promoting pig industry S3-2-W2 10:00-10:45
Broiler Pitch    S2 Hall,Holland pavilion lounge 10:30- 11:30
Effective Control Measures of Swine Fever and Pseudorabies M02 Meeting Room,2F,South Registration 09:30-10:30
The Use of Biotech in Modern Farming M02 Meeting Room,2F,South Registration 10:30-11:30
Layer Pitch S2 Hall, Holland pavilion lounge  14:00- 15:00 

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