Sheep Term (B)


Banding - the process of applying rubber bands to the tail or scrotum for docking and castrating. 结扎

Bellwether - sheep that leads the herd often wearing a bell . 羯羊

Bloat - excessive accumulation of gases in the rumen of an animal. 肿胀

Bottle jaw - Edema or fluid accumulation, under the jaw. A sign of infection with Haemonchosis in sheep. 下颌水肿

Breech birth - a birth in which the lamb is presented backwards with its rear legs tucked under and only its tail near the opening. 臀位分娩

Browse - parts of woody plants, including twigs, shoots, and leaves. 枝叶饲料

Buck - slang term for a male sheep.公羊

Bummer - slang term for an orphan lamb. 孤羊

Burdizzo - castration method that uses a large clamp to crush the blood vessels leading into the testicles. 去势钳法

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