Sheep Term (C)


CAFO - confined animal feeding operation having at least 1,000 animal units. 圈养

Carding -process involving the movement of natural fibres between two surfaces covered with wire pins in order to detangle and align the fibres in preparation for spinning. 梳理

Castrate - removal of testicles or influence of testicles. 去势

cc - cubic centimeter. Same as a millileter (ml).          立方厘米

Cellulose - component of plant cell walls that is not digestible by most animals (lignin) 纤维素

Cervix - the lower section of the uterus which protrudes into the vagina and dilates during labor to allow the passage of the fetuses. 子宫颈

Cryptorchidism - failure of one or both testes to descend隐睾症

Coccidiostat - any of a group of chemical agents mixed in feed or drinking water to control coccidiosis in animals. 球虫抑制药

Colostrum - first milk a ewe gives after birth. High in antibodies, this milk protects newborn lambs against diseases. 初乳

Composting - process whereby organic wastes decompose naturally. 堆肥

Combing - the straightening or parallelizing of fibers using combs. Also includes the removal of short fibers and other impurities. 梳理

Concentrate - feed that is high in energy, low in fiber content, and highly digestible. 精饲料

Conception - in reproduction, the point at which a sperm fertilizes an egg. 受精,怀孕

Continuous grazing - livestock remain on a grazing unit the entire time in which grazing is allowed. 连续放牧

Corpus Luteum (CL) - the mass of cells that form once the egg has been released from the ovary. 黄体素The corpus luteum produces progesterone. Also called "yellow body."

Cost share - a subsidization, by different governmental agencies and some private industries. 成本分担

Crimp - the natural waviness of the wool fiber. 卷发

Culling - the process that determines which animals in a herd will not be bred. 筛杀

Creep feeding - to provide supplemental feed to nursing lambs. 幼畜补饲

Creep grazing - the practice of allowing young animals to graze areas their dams cannot access at the same time. 羔羊钻栏放牧

Crossbreeding - the mating of animals of different breeds.杂交

Crutching (or crotching) - the removal of wool from around the tail and between the rear legs of a sheep. 腿臂毛

Cud - food of a ruminant regurgitated to be chewed again. 反刍的食物

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