Sheep Term (E)


Eid - annual Islamic festival. There are two major Eids in the Muslim calendar. 开斋节

Elastrator - instrument used to apply heavy rubber bands (elastrator rings/bands) to the tail and scrotum for docking and castration. 弹力去势器

Embryo - an animal in the early stage of development before birth. 胚胎

Embryo Transfer (ET) - implantation of embryos or fertilized eggs into a surrogate mother. 胚胎移植

Epididymitis - tiny tube where sperm collect after leaving the testis. 附睾

Estrogen - female sex hormone produced by the ovary. Responsible for the estrus cycle. 雌性激素

Estrus - the period when the female is fertile and receptive to the male. Also called heat. 发情期

Estrus Cycle - the reproductive cycle of the female. 发情周期

Ewe - female sheep 母羊

Extra label - use of a drug in a manner for which it was not labeled. Only veterinarians can use or prescribe extra label drugs. 药物的标签外应用

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