Sheep Term (G)


Genotype - the genetic constitution of an individual. 基因型

Gestation - the length of pregnancy. 妊娠期

Gimmer - female sheep over one year of age. 小母羊

Grade (n) - measure of quality. There are grades for live animals, meat, and wool. 等级

Graft - to transfer a lamb to a ewe that is not its mother. 保姆羊

Grain - the seed part of cereal crops such as corn, oats, barley, and wheat. 谷物

Grass - a group of plants having narrow leaves with parallel veins, small flowers, and basically hollow stems with joints where the leaves are attached. 草

Ground water - water that does not run off, and is not taken up by plants, but soaks down into an aquifer; a supply of fresh water under the earth’s surface which forms a natural reservoir. Is frequently used for drinking. 地下水

Gummer - a sheep so old that it has lost all of its teeth. 牙齿脱尽的羊

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