Sheep Term (L)


Lactation - the secretion (production) of milk. When the ewe is giving milk. 哺乳

Lamb - a young sheep (n). To give birth to a lamb (v). The meat from an animal less than one year old (n). 羔羊,产羔,羔羊肉

Lanolin - wool "grease." Also called yolk. 羊毛脂

Larvae - the immature form of many animals, which hatches from the egg and often differs in appearance from the adult form. 幼虫

Leader-follower grazing - two classes of livestock having distinctly different nutritional needs are grazed successively in a pasture. 先后放牧

Legume - a plant whose roots form an association with soilborne bacteria that can capture atmospheric nitrogen.豆科植特

Libido - sexual desire. 性欲

Lignin - a component of the cell walls of plants that occurs naturally, along with cellulose. 木质素

Linebreeding - the mating of individuals within a particular line. 同种异系交配

Live vaccine - a vaccine in which live virus is weakened through chemical or physical processes in order to produce an immune response without causing the severe effects of the disease. 活疫苗

Lutenizing hormone (LH) - The hormone that normally triggers ovulation and stimulates the corpus luteum to secrete progesterone. In the male, it stimulates testosterone production. 活疫苗

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