Sheep Term (M)


Mastitis - Inflammation of the mammary glands.乳腺炎

ME - metabolizable energy代谢能

Meat and bone meal - the rendered production from animal tissues, including bone. 肉骨粉

Microminerals - an element needed in very small quantities. Also called trace minerals. Includes Fe, Co, Cr, Cu, I, Mn, Se, Zn, and Mo. 微量元素

Micron - one millionth of a meter. Measurement unit for wool fiber diameter. 微米

Milliliter (ml) - a unit of liquid volume in the metric system equivalent to one thousandth of a liter or approximately .03381 fluid ounces in the English system. 毫升

Mixed grazing - grazing by two or more species of grazing animals on the same unit of land . Also called multi-species grazing. 混群放牧

Morphology - the size and shape of sperm.形态学

Motility -the ability of sperm to move by themselves.运动性

Muslim/Moslem - a member of the Islamic faith. 穆斯林

Mutton - the meat from an older sheep. 羊肉

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