Sheep Term (P)


Paddock - an enclosed area for grazing animals. 小牧场

Parturition - the act of giving birth. 分娩

Pedigree - line of descent of a purebred animal. 血统

Pelt - the skin of a sheep with the wool on. 生毛皮

Perennial plant - plant that lasts three seasons or more. 多年生植物

Periparturient - around the time of giving birth. 临产的

Phenotype - the observable characteristics of an individual. 表型

Photoperiod - the relationship between the length of light and dark in a 24-hour period. 光周期

Pinkeye - condition in which the conjunctiva (membranes lining the eyelids and covering the white part of the eye) become inflamed or infected. Also called conjunctivitis. 传染的急性结膜炎, 红眼

Pizzle - the penis of an animal. 阴茎

Placenta - the organ that nourishes the fetus(es) in the uterus. 胎盘

Pneumonia - an infection in the lungs. 肺炎

Polled - the abscence of horns. 无角的

Predator - an animal that lives by killing and eating other animals. 捕食者

Probiotic - living organisms used to manipulate fermentation in the rumen. 益生素

Progeny - the offspring of an individual. 后代

Progesterone - a female hormone secreted by the ovary. Produced in large quantities by the placenta during pregnancy. 黄体酮

Prolific - producing offspring in abundance.多产的

Protozoa - the first animals; the lowliest forms of life, all single-celled. 原生动物

Purebred - wholly of one breed or line (as opposed to crossbred). 纯种

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