Sheep Term (R)


Raddle - color pigment that is applied to the ram's brisket to mark females he mates. 赭石

Ram - uncastrated adult male sheep 公羊

Ram effect - stimulating non-cycling ewes to ovulate by the sudden introduction of a ram or teaser ram. 公羊效应

Reticulum - the second chamber of the ruminant digestive tract, used for sorting out fine plant particles for further fermentation. 蜂巢胃

RFID - radio frequency identification. Refers to the technology that uses devices attached to objects that transmit data to an RFID receiver. 射频识别

Rotational grazing - a grazing scheme where animals are moved from one grazing unit (paddock) to another. 轮牧

Roughage - feed that is high in fiber, low in digestible nutrients, and low in energy (e.g., hay, straw, silage, and pasture). 粗饲料

Roundworm -unsegmented worms with elongated rounded body pointed at both ends. 蛔虫

Rumen - the first compartment of the stomach of a ruminant animal. Tts bacteria and protozoa break down cellulose. 瘤胃

Ruminant - an animal with a multiple stomach that is able to digest cellulose. 反刍动物

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