Sheep Term(S)


Scouring - the actual separation of dirt, grease, and foreign matter from grease wool. 冲洗

Scours - diarrhea in livestock. 家畜腹泻病

Scrapie - the TSE of sheep and goats. A fatal brain disease. 痒病

Scrotum - pouch in which the male's testicles are suspended outside the body. 阴囊

Scurs - little horns that have broken the skin, but not grown. 角芽

Selection - choosing of favorable offspring as parents for future generations. 选育

Selection differential - the difference between the mean of the individuals selected to be parents and the mean of the overall population. 选择差数

Semen - the combination of sperm, seminal fluid, and other male reproductive secretions. 精液

Sharps - needles, syringes, scalpel blades, slides, pipettes,and anything else that can puncture the skin. 尖锐物品

Shear - the act of cutting wool. 剪羊毛

Sheath - an enveloping structure or covering enclosing an animal organ or part. 护套

Shed lambing - Housing ewes and newborn lambs in pens or sheds to provide food, shelter, and medical care during and immediately after birth. 舍内产羔

Silage - fodder (livestock feed) prepared by storing and fermenting green forage plants in a silo. 青贮

Sire - father. 公羊

Skirting - removing the stained, unusable, or undesirable portions of a fleece. 套毛去边

Somatic cell count - the number of white blood cells per milliliter of milk or measurement of the number of somatic cells present in a sample of milk.体细胞

Sperm - male reproductive cells. 精子

Spermatogenesis - sperm production精子发生

Spin - work natural fibers into thread or yarn. 纺纱

Staple - refers to the length of a lock of shorn wool; in the trade, "staple" refers to the longer length wools within a grade.  羊毛手扯长度

Stillborn - showing no signs of life at birth. 死胎

Stocking density - the relationship between the number of animals and area of land at any given time. 放养密度

Stocking rate - the number of specific kinds and classes of animals grazing a unit of land for a specified period of time. 载畜率

Straw - the stems of wheat, barley, or oat plants which are cut and baled and often used for animal bedding. Sometimes, straw is fed to animals. 秸秆

Strip grazing - confining animals to an area of grazing land to be grazed in a relatively short period of time. 条牧

Subcutaneous (sub-Q, SQ) - under the skin. 皮下的

Sustainable agriculture - an approach to growing food and fiber which is profitable, uses on-farm resources efficiently to minimize adverse effects on the environment and people, preserves the natural productivity and quality of land and water, and sustains vibrant rural communities. 可持续农业

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