Sheep Term (W)


Warm season plant - a plant that makes most of its growth during late spring, summer, or early fall and is usually dormant in winter.

Weaning - removal of young mammals from their source of milk. 断奶

Weed - a plant that is growing where it is unwanted. 杂草

Wet graft - immersing the lamb to be grafted, along with the ewe's own lamb, into a saturated salt solution. 保姆羊

Wether - a castrated male sheep. 羯羊

Withdrawal period - the time when a drug must not be administered prior to marketing to insure that no drug residues remain in the meat or milk. 停药期

Wool pool - a collection point for many producers to sell their wool. 羊毛池

Woolen - yarn made from fibers that are one to three inches in length and that have been carded only. Fabrics of woolen yarn are characterized as being fuzzy, thick, and bulky. 毛织品

Worsted - wool yarn of long staple with fibers that have been combed prior to spinning. Combing produces more parallel fibers than carding. 精纺毛织物

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