CAAA Signed MOU with Fieravicola


On May, 18, 2017, The signing ceremony between CAAA and Fieravicola is successfully held in Qingdao International Expo Center. The signing ceremony is presided over by CAAA President Li Xirong. Mr. He Xintian, Secretary-General of CAAA and Michele Tampieri, Project Manager of Fieravicola signed the Memorandum of Understanding. Mr. Yin Chengwen, Deputy Secretary-General of CAAA, Mr. Liu Qiangde, Ms. Gong Guifen, Ms. Liu rui, Vice Secretary-General of CAAA, Mr. Wang Guoliang, Assistant Secretary-General of CAAA, Ms. Livia, Secretary-General of AIFE and Italian representatives, as well as 60 CAAA members witnessed the signing.


According to the MOU, the two sides will exchange booth, and make use of fairs and conference platform, to carry out cooperation in animal breeding, poultry and rabbit, egg production and feeding, in order to facilitate the matching of supply and demand and the exchange of products, services and information.


President Li extended welcome to the Italian delegation, and gave a brief introduction of the history of the relationship between CAAA and Fieravicola. Although China and Italy are far away from each other, the interaction between CAAA and Assoavi, AIFE, Fieravicola has never ceased. From Grassland to poultry, to rabbit and to fair, the cooperation between the two sides has made progress every year. This signing ceremony is a milestone in the history of our relationship, signifying a new step in the bilateral cooperation. It’s the hope of the two sides, taking advantage of “Belt and Road” initiative announced by the central government, to deepen cooperation and build reciprocal platform to complement each other’s advantage and pursue mutual development.   


Brief Reminisce of the cooperation history of the two sides:

July, 2014, Dr. Gian Luca Bagnara, President of AIFE and his wife Teresa attended the Third China Grassland Industry Development Conference. CAAA made close friends with AIFE since then.

November, 2014, CAAA led a 13-member alfalfa delegation to Italy and visited the alfalfa industry in Italy.

July, 2015, Dr. Gian Luca Bagnara led a 19 people delegation to attend the First International Alfalfa Congress, hosted by CAAA.

June, 2016, Poultry Association made contacts with Fieravicola during the Shanghai International Poultry Industry Forum, and proposed the idea of booth exchange.

September, 2016, with the help of Assoavi, the rabbit association visited Martini, and sought to find potential cooperation on rabbit breeding.

April, 2017, Vice Secretary-General Liu Qiangde led a 10 people delegation to Fieravicola and signed Letter of Intent.

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