The Seventh China Waterfowl Development Conference



To promote the industrialization of waterfowl industry, covey the latest industry policies, enhance information exchanges and cooperation, carry on in-depth discussion of waterfowl industry reform on the supply-side, accelerate industry transformation and upgrade, push for new technologies marketing, expand brand advertisement channel, guide the self-adjustment and improvement of waterfowl industry in the new situation and new norm, China Animal Agriculture Association, together with China Poultry Industry Association, National Waterfowl Industry Technology System, White Duck Working Committee, and Goose Working Committee set to hold the Seventh (2017) China Waterfowl Development Conference in Xinyang City, Henan Province from Sep. 20-22, 2017. Famous entrepreneurs, authoritative experts and scholar will share macroeconomic policy, advanced technology, managerial and practical expertise with participants. Fairs, field tour are also available for the participants to communicate and promote products.


1. Time: Sep. 20-22, 2017 (Sign in on Sep. 20)


2. Venue: Xinyang Jinjiang International Hotel (Intersect of Xinqi Road and Ershisi Street, Yangshan New District, Xinyang City, Henan Province)


3. Theme: standardized production, fine management, segmented market, quality and efficiency improvement


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