Aplaca Term (D)


Dam: A female parent or an alpaca's mother.

Density: The number of fibers from an area of an alpaca's body.

Direct response to selection: Genetic variation in a trait resulting from selection for that trait.

DNA: Deoxyribonucleic acid. The molecule that forms the genetic code.

Dominance: The property of a gene (or allele) when it suppresses the expression, or dominates the effects, of the recessive gene (or allele).

Drafting: The process of drawing out a strand of material by pulling it apart. Commercially, this is done between rollers and by hand in hand spinning.

Dual-registered: A purebred alpaca that belongs to both the Canadian (CLAA) and American (ARI) pedigree registries.

Dye: A colorant that becomes molecularly dispersed during application to fiber and exhibits some permanence. There are many classes of dyes including; acid dyes, disperse dyes, reactive dyes, and natural dyes. Generally, they are first divided into natural and synthetic types. Natural dyes are obtained from berries, flowers, roots, bark and other naturally occurring materials. Synthetic dyes are chemical compounds.

Dystocia: Difficulty in being born or giving birth.

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