Alpaca Term (F)


F1: First generation of crosses between two unrelated (though not always purebred) populations.

F1 hybrid vigor: The amount of hybrid health and vibrancy possible in first-cross individuals.

F2: The generation of crosses produced by mating F1 (first-generation crossed) individuals to each other.

Family: A group of related individuals within a population, most often applied to half-sib and full-sib families, but which can be applied to more distantly related groups, including descendants of a particular ancestor.

Fast Color: A dye that is stable to color destroying agents, such as sunlight, perspiration, washing, abrasion, and wet and dry pressing.

Felt: An ancient technique that produces a non woven sheet of matted material, which is most frequently made from wool, hair or fur created by the entanglement of a mass of fibers that takes place when heat, moisture and pressure are combined.

Fertility: The ability of a male to impregnate a female or a female to conceive.

Fiber: The fleece of the alpaca, also known as wool.  A unit of matter characterized by having a length at least 100 times its diameter or width. The fundamental component used in making textile yarns and fabrics.

Fineness: A measure, in microns, of the diameter of individual alpaca fibers., most often expressed as an average for a representative sample. The diameter of natural fibers measured in microns and generally varying from 20 to 36 microns, with the lower numbers indicating finer fibers.

Fitness: (a) The ability of an individual (and its phenotype and genotype) to contribute offspring to the next generation. (b) The number of offspring an individual animal produces, not just its ability to be selected.

Follicle: The skin structure from which hair or wool fiber grows.

Fitness trait: A trait arrived at through natural selection. Fitness traits point to an animal's ability to survive and reproduce.

Fleece: The entire wool coat, sheared from an animal at one time, usually once a year.

Fleece weight: The weight of an entire fleece, measured at the same time each year.

Fulling: A finishing process for fiber where the woven or knitted cloth is subjected to heat, moisture and friction, causing it to shrink considerably in both directions and become compact and solid. In heavily fulled fabrics, both the weave and the yarn are obscured, resulting in an appearance of felt.

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