Alpaca Term (L)


Lama: Scientific name for the genus including llamas, alpacas, guanacos, and vicunas. However, vicuñas are sometimes separated into their own genus.

Lama Pacos: The Latin name for the alpaca.

Line: A group of related animals within a breed.

Linebreeding: The mating of individual animals within a particular line designed to maintain a substantial degree of relationship to a highly regarded ancestor or group without causing high levels of inbreeding.

Linecrossing: Mating of herd sires of one line or line combination to dams of another line or line combination.

Live Birth: many alpaca sale contracts involving a bred female guarantee that the cria will be alive and survive for a stated minimal amount of time, often 48 hours.

Llama: A domesticated species of South American camelid raised for fiber production, meat and packing.

Loft: Sometimes used synonymously with fluffiness, loft is the springiness in fiber as it returns to normal after being squeezed.

Loom: A device or machine for weaving cloth.

Luster: The glistening sheen that is desired in alpaca.

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