Alpaca Term (M)


Macho: A male alpaca.

Maiden: a female alpaca old enough to breed but who has not bred yet.

Maternal trait: A characteristic especially important in breeding females. May include fertility, freedom from dystocia, adequate milk production and ability to mother well.

Mean fiber diameter: The average diameter or thickness of a group of fibers from an alpaca.

Medulla: The hollow core often found in coarse guard hair or kemp fibers in the chest and underbelly of the fleece.

Medullation: How much medullated hair a fleece contains.

Melanin: The pigment in skin that determines coat and skin color.

Micron: A measurement of fiber diameter, equal to 1/25,000 of an inch, or 1/1000th of a millimeter, that refers to the fineness of a fiber. The smaller the micron, the finer the fiber.

Multicolor: An individual that incorporates more than one color in its fleece.

Multiple sire pasture: A breeding pasture or pen housing more than one sire at a time.

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