Alpaca Term (R)


Rebreeding: A standard portion of sales agreements for many bred females. The seller offers rebreeding (usually free) to his sire in the event that the cria does not survive long enough to satisfy the live birth section of the agreement. Can include a free or reduced-fee rebreeding of the mother after the birth of the cria.

Resilience: The ability of fiber or yarn or a garment to recover to its original shape and size after removal of the force that caused the deformation. Fibers exhibit the quality to spring back to its original state after being crushed or wrinkled. Also sometimes referred to as memory.

Rejects: Unacceptable fiber. Reasons range from poor color, tenderness, seeds, burrs, kempiness, stains, lumps and tufts.

Reference sire: Sires that father offspring in all the cooperating flocks. Because the cria of the reference sires can be compared with the offspring of any other sires, the best males in the whole of the group breeding scheme: a) can be identified b) can become available to the program as a whole; and 3) can be used to breed the next generation of sires.

Replacement rate: The pace at which newly selected animals replace existing parents in a population.

Registry: An alpaca information storage and retrieval center. Registries record and maintain pedigree data, registry numbers, blood typing, and other vital information on registered alpacas.

Roan: A coat color made up of by a fairly uniform mixture of colored fibers. For example, the coat of a silver alpaca is actually made up of intermittent white and black fibers.

Roving: Fleece that has been cleaned and carded, then drawn out into a twisted roll of fiber. Roving is then spun into yarn or used as-is for felting or making latch-hooked items like rugs. Also called “rove.”

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