Alpaca Term (T)


Tags: Broken or dung-covered wool and other waste that are separated on the shearing floor and disposed of.

Tender Wool: A fiber staple containing weak areas that can only be used for carding and not combing. It is caused by an alpaca’s illness, excessive exposure to weather, or poor nutrition.

Tensile Strength: The amount of pulling force a fiber can withstand before it stretches and breaks.

Textile: A wide classification of materials that can be used in constructing fabrics. Also the fabrics made with those materials.

Tippy Wool: Badly weathered ends of fleece, usually contain a considerable amount of dirt, grease and other debris. Undesirable because the tips dye differently from the rest of the fleece.

Tops: A continuous, untwisted strand of combed alpaca fibers. No shorter hairs are present, as they have been removed by careful combing.

Tui: A six to eighteen-month-old alpaca, or its fleece. The most high quality fleece an alpaca will ever produce.

Twist: The number of turns about its axis per unit of length in a yarn or other textile strand. It is usually indicated as turns per inch or tpi.

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