China’s Agricultural Investment Abroad Is Rising2018-12-11

2017 Processed Pork Export Country/Area2018-11-08

2017 Pork Export Country/Area2018-11-08

2017 Pork Product Export2018-11-08

2013-2017 China Pork Product Export2018-11-08

2013-2017 China Pork Export2018-11-08

Broiler Meat Trade --- 2018 USDA Data2018-04-09

Broiler Meat Production --- 2018 USDA Data2018-04-09

Swine Trade --- 2018 USDA Data2018-04-09

Swine Stock --- 2018 USDA Data2018-04-09

Pork Trade --- 2018 USDA Data2018-04-09

Pork Production --- 2018 USDA Data2018-04-09

Cattle Trade --- 2018 USDA Data2018-04-09

Cattle Stock --- 2018 USDA Data2018-04-09

Beef Trade --- 2018 USDA Data2018-04-09

Beef Production --- 2018 USDA Data2018-04-09

The Third China Livestock Engineering Industry Conference Successfully Held in Xinxiang2017-11-30

The 12th China Cattle Industry Development Conference kicked off in Fenggang2017-10-24

The Eighth (2017) China Deer Industry Development Conference2017-10-23

The 5th China Camel Industry Development Conference opened in Alxa Right Banner2017-10-23

2017 Sheep conference kicked off in Bayannaoer 2017-10-19

The 7th China Rabbit Industry Development Conference successfully held in Jiyuan2017-10-19

The Third China Livestock Engineering Industry Conference2017-09-07

The Sixth Sino-US Swine Industry Forum2017-09-07

The Fifth China Camel Industry Development Conference2017-08-31

The Third China Donkey Industry Development Conference2017-08-01

The Fourteenth China Sheep Industry Development Conference2017-08-01

The Twelfth China Cattle Industry Development Conference2017-08-01

The Seventh China Rabbit Industry Development Conference2017-07-31

The Seventh China Waterfowl Development Conference2017-07-27

China Inward Mission Views UK Sheep Sector2017-07-13

Introduction of the Fifteenth CAHE2017-04-28

The Eighth China Layer Industry Development Conference2017-04-12

The Second China Animal Husbandry Engineering Industry Conference2016-10-11

The Six (2016) China Rabbit Industry Development Conference2016-08-29

The Second (2016) China Donkey Industry Development Conference2016-08-29

The Eleventh (2016) China Cattle Industry Development Conference2016-08-29

The Fourteenth (2016) China Pig industry Development Conference2016-06-28

The Fourth China Grassland Industry Conference2016-06-27

The Thirteenth (2016) China Sheep and Goat Development Conference2016-06-23

The Fifth (2016) China Yellow Broiler Industry Development Conference2016-06-08

The Seventh China Deer Industry Development Conference2016-04-28

The First (2016) China Wool Rabbit Breeds Industry Development Conference2016-02-18

First 2015 China Donkey Industry Development Conference2015-11-18

2015 Sino-US Poultry Industry Summit Symposium2015-11-16

The Fifth 2015 China Rabbit Industry Development Conference2015-09-29

The First China Livestock Engineering Workshop2015-09-14

The Sixth China Deer Industry Development Conference2015-07-23

2015 Sino-US Swine Industry Seminar2015-07-22

The 6th China Waterfowl Industry Development Conference2015-07-09

The 12th China Sheep and Goat Development Industry Conference2015-07-09

The Tenth (2015) China Cattle Industry Development Conference2015-06-12

2015 Rabbit Meat Festival2015-06-01

Announcement on the Thirteenth (2015) China Animal Husbandry Expo2015-03-31

Announcement on the Second (2015) China Angora Industry Conference and the Third Shandong Angora Rabbit Race2015-03-30

The Ninth (2014) China National Cattle Industry Development Conference2014-10-20

The First (2014) China Meat Sheep and Goats Industry Development Conference2014-10-13

The Fourth (2014) China Rabbit Industry Development Conference2014-10-11

The Fourth 2014 China Yellow Broiler Industry Development Conference2014-08-28

The Eleventh (2014) China National Sheep & Goat Development Conference2014-08-28

The Twelfth (2014) China Swine Industry Development Conference2014-08-22

Deer and Healthy Life2014-08-05

The Third 2014 China Grassland Industry Conference2014-06-04

DMJNB•Doulimall Science and Technology Day2014-05-09

The Fourth Rongchang Thousand Buyers Delegation2014-05-07

The Second China Feed Raw Material Day2014-05-06

First China Ecological Animal Husbandry Carnival2014-05-05

The First 2014 Animal Husbandry Science and Technology Innovation Day2014-05-04

The Fourth (2014) China Animal Husbandry Day2014-04-25

The Fourth China Animal Husbandry Equipment Day2014-04-24

The Third Livestock Products Safety Day2014-04-23

2014 DFNF Feed Additives Day2014-04-23

The Fourth (2014) Inner Mongolia Huatian China Animal Health Day2014-04-22

2014 China Animal Husbandry Brand Day2014-04-21

The First Large-scale Farming Day2014-04-17

The Fourth (2014) China Feed Day2014-04-15

The Third China Animal Nutrition and Safety Day2014-04-09

2014 CAHE Timetable2014-04-02

To Know 2014 CAHE Sponsors2014-04-02

Who Should Attend the 2014 CAHE?2014-04-02

2014 CAHE, May 18-20, Not To Be Missed!2014-03-31

The Fourth (2014) China Brand Quality Animal Products Fair2014-03-26

The Fourth (2013) China Deer Development Conference2013-11-11

2013 US-China Poultry Industry High-level Symposium2013-10-21

The Second (2013) China Camel Industry Conference2013-10-15

The Second US-China Hog Summit2013-09-12

The Third China Rabbit Development Conference2013-07-25

The Fifth China Waterfowl Development Conference2013-06-26

The Tenth China Sheep & Goat Development Conference2013-06-19

The Eighth China Cattle Industry Development Conference2013-06-18

The Eleventh Rabbit Meat Gourmet Festival2013-06-09

Alfalfa Feast, Not To Be Missed2013-06-04

Food Additive Day2013-05-14

A Thousand Buyers Delegation2013-05-07

Husbandry on Camera2013-05-06

An Easy and Efficient Feed Expo Journey2013-03-26

Wheel of Fortune Bonus and Animal Nutrition & Safety Knowledge2013-03-25

Free Expo Rail Tickets in Animal Health Day2013-03-22

Maximize Experience at the EQUIPMENT DAY2013-03-05

Take a walk of pig pavilion to take your chance2013-02-28

National Husbandry People's Carnival2013-02-05

China Pork and swine in 20122013-01-16

October U.S. Beet/Cattle Outlook, 20122012-10-24

Programme of 2011 Global Pig Forum2011-03-18

The OIE advocates implementing international standards for humane killing of animals for disease prevention purposes2009-05-26


Live pigs supplied to Hong Kong directly for the first time and achieve a historic breakthrough2008-11-17

Ningbo pig slaughtering houses operate IC card transaction2008-11-17

40 million Yuan will be spent in building animal disease prevention and control system in Hainan Province2008-10-30

Development of China beef cattle industry2008-09-16

Import and export of farm produce from January to May, 20082008-09-03

Heilongjiang plans to implement 10 million tons milk and 50 million live pigs plan2008-09-02

Traceability system of producing and managing of bee products2008-09-01

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